Geomagic CAD settings

I’m currently using Geomagic Design/Alibre for CAD, and I’m using the built in printability tools for generating the STL to send to PreForm. The Geomagic Printability settings have several preset 3D printers that it can use. Which one should I be using that is closest in settings to the Form 2?

I’m currently using the setting as the “Projet 6000 Series (SLA)”. Is there another 3D printer equivalent that I should be using?

Also, is this the best way to print my CAD designs or does anyone (or Formlabs support) have a better suggestion?


Paul Tan.

I wouldn’t use that feature. Just export your part as a .stl file. I have wanted to create a custom printer as none of the presets really “work” for optimal settings. I think there is a way to configure a custom printer but I can’t remember where on the Alibre form I saw it. If I stumble across it, I will post it up here.

These are my typical settings I use for Preform. The files are typically large but the surface finish is nice and the parts are accurate.

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Thanks for the screenshot! I’ll give your settings a try.

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