Printing From Revit 2017

hello all,

I apologize in advance if this topic has been covered already

I am trying to print my design model from Revit 2017, I am aware that there is a conversion app to convert my revit file to a STL file in which I am assuming the software PreForm will recognize which will in turn allow a successful print

does anyone else have any experience / tips with printing a model originally made in Autodesk Revit?

thank you!

No hands-on experience, but I heard some stuff which might help you.

Revit doesn’t export natively in .STL (you’re right, STL is the format to use to communicate with Preform), but there is a somewhat official plugin to do that.

As for the export operation itself, be aware that STl is a “lossy” format. An STL file has a certain “resolution” in terms of the number/size of the triangles that the 3D model is made of. You can tweak the resolution of the file during the export operation (usually), thus increasing the number of triangles. This is important to take into account especially if your model has non-planar surfaces which will need a higher number of triangles to be well resolved.
If your model is mostly composted of planar surfaces then you can lower the resolution without much loss in quality.