FUSE 1 update?


Sinteris power prices are: 120 € / kg - in 6 kg bucket or 130 € / kg - in 2 kg bottle, so that is much more than you wrote, please double check your source.


I mean I got the information from online shop.

Never owned one Sinterit and don’t think I will own one.

Most important, I apologize if I list the price information wrong since I really don’t use Euro.


You can multiply Euro price with 1.2 and you get prices in USD. So 120€ becomes $145, and 130€ becomes $155.
The issue is not with € vs $ but with price for 2kg is not $140 but around $290.


I mean the real issue here is the recycle rate.

Like FL says they can get down to 30%.
Most other brands are 50% something.


Alright, any FUSE 1 beta testers here yet??


Great news!!!


Just to be clear: Your message implies that the FUSE 1 has been released to beta testers. CAN YOU CONFIRM THIS? I haven’t been able to do so, with a Google search.

Am I missing what should be a big banner on Formlabs’s website??



@ashtree: I mean… no. Just no. The issue he’s raising is that your information is faulty, not which information is the most important. And it’s not a matter of converting Euros to dollars, which, frankly, is trivially easy, as @valent pointed out.

Please don’t weigh in here with inaccurate information that could be taken by well-intentioned forum readers to drive their 3DP acquisition decisions. I say this with the assumption that you’re well-intentioned, too. This is the best (only?) forum I can find on the whole friggin’ internet that’s an ongoing discussion of the situation with the Fuse 1. Please help us keep this forum’s information quality high by checking and confirming the accuracy of what you say. That is, I assume, why @valent called you out on your post. When someone does this… apologizing, as you did, is the appropriate response. Weasel words and excuses are not!

Please do your part to maintain quality in this forum. Thanks for your understanding and cooperation in this.


Sorry about that. I never owned a lisa and don’t anyone around me own one.

What I can confirm here is the Fuse 1 nylon is $100/kg


Obviously, all these years of delays were due internal and external (beta testers) feedback. They chosen probably companies as beta testers rather than individuals. Damn, I dont like is why everything is happening behind closed door…


@bosniacum: Thanks for your reply. To be honest, your statements sound rather speculative. To me, it’s not obvious at all that Formlabs ever advanced the Fuse 1 to external beta testing (BTW, “Internal beta testing” is not a thing - at that stage, it’s better described as alpha testing. Trust me on this. I’ve spent 25 years in the capital equipment industry.)

So… my question is refined to this: do you have positive confirmation that Formlabs entered the beta testing phase (and that’s with external customers) with the Fuse 1? Last time I heard a “reason” for the delay - and that was something like two years ago - Formlabs cited “manufacturing issues.” If you’re just trying to weigh in with suppositions, that’s ok - but tell us that your comments are just that. Not “obviously”…

Thanks for understanding. I’m not trying to be a hard ass here; I’m just trying to ascertain the true state of play. As you note, Formlabs is playing it pretty darned close to the chest, and that’s frustrating for all of us. Hence the reason for a forum such as this. If you have solid information, by all means share it! If you are weighing in with your opinion, that’s fine too - just tell us that it’s an opinion.


My statement is based on this customer (beta tester?) quote in their official workflow overview PDF (3th page):

“…We use it every day whenever we can.
Aaron Noyes
Prototype Machinist, Hypertherm


@bosniacum: Hey, this is great. Thanks for getting back to me with this interesting piece of Formlabs marketing material. I understand why it leads you to believe that indeed Formlabs has put Fuse 1’s out in the field as beta units.

That said, after 25+ years in the equipment industry, I know how this game is played. I’m not saying it’s either bogus or bona fide. It’s simply suspect until it’s confirmed.

You’ll perhaps be interested to know that after reading this, I’ve reached out to Hypertherm to see if I can obtain confirmation of their use of a Form 1. I’d give it about a 20% chance that they’ll get back to me, but I’d be happy to be wrong. I’ll let you know!


Well, here is the quote I just got from FL. Let me know what do you think.

The Nylon is sold in 6kg/bottle. So 6kg is $599.