FUSE 1 update?


We’re in Q4. Any update please. Another $1500 to my competitor’s SLS. It’s killing me.
BTW. I’m in Australia. I’ll be getting my uncle in Indiana to forward to me. Any chance you can just send it to me directly. Early adopter privilege!?


Any Fuse 1 updates?? Cost of operating seems a little bit of a mystery as well. But I think could be much higher than expected. Since the entire build chamber is heated to near glassing level at least 50% of the remaining powder must be replaced. So for simplicity sake, the chamber hold 1,000 cm3 of material and your mode(s) use 500 cm3. BTW this appears to be an almost direct comparison to your Form 2 in ml, except no supports, you are left with 500cm3 of unused material. However this 500 must be freshened up with 50% new material to reuse. So your consumption goes to 750cm3. Assuming the chamber only needs enough material to cover the vertical height of the models. So the question is how many cycles of this can we go thru. Now when complete I have some material that has been heated twice and some once mixed in. Next cycle would be some heated 3 times, some 2 times and some once. Hmmmm. How much does this powder cost from formlabs. Loading the build chamber in the software is going to be very important in determining the cost of the parts. Both numbers and orientation.


Wow this is great thank you for the information. :nerd_face:


BUMP Still waiting on the Fuse 1. This is getting ridiculous. Still no communication. Hello Formlabs???


Update please!


Not to be an instigator or anything like that, but why do I get a feeling that the development and impending release of the Form 3 was financed by all the Fuse 1 deposits.

I find it ironic that a product that hadn’t even been previously hinted at is about to be released, while the Fuse 1, for which they’ve been taking deposits, has been delayed for well over a year.

It’s not like I’m about to buy a Fuse 1, far from it, but while I’m standing here on the sidelines, I can’t help but be disturbed by FormLabs business tactics.


The Form3 is probably much much easier for them to produce than the Fuse, note that the Form3L isn’t coming out until much later in the year too.


What is with all of the delays? Still only stating that shipments should start in 2019? 2019 is nearly halfway over at this point. I’d love to remain a fan but you are not a startup anymore or on Kickstarter. Come on Formlabs!


There was a Formlabs speaker at a recent conference… He said end of 2019 and mentioned something about the difficulty of doing this in a non-inert gas chamber. Sounds like the problem was the engineering team over promised or the sales and marketing team was way overzealous. I was hoping to do some low volume production testing on this machine, but at this point there may be serious competition before they release.


I wonder which of the two is more likely :roll_eyes:


The daily struggles of being an engineer. Making sure you meet the set specs and the marketing team doesn’t exaggerate these specs to the customer. :stuck_out_tongue:


There have been many companies that overpromissed and uderdelivered, but I only know of one other company that took people’s money and underdelievered, although they did manage to deliver some of what they promised, and are now trying to get back on schedule: Tesla.

But at least they are back on track.

Where is Formlabs with their product? How close to completion? It would be interesting to know how many people put up the down payment or paid for the FUSE outright.


Any rumors whats happening behind the scenes?
Any beta testers yet?

I d really like someone to convince me to buy Fuse 1 instead of Lisa Pro.
Since all of these delays people would expect it running flawlessly


Another 4 months have gone by and still nothing. The Fuse 1 is starting to look like vaporware. Can anyone from the Formlabs team comment on here?


After the COVID 19, I doubt how many companies already been closed and any of them still remember there is a deposit they put for this machine.


The Fuse 1 popping up in PreForm does indicate they’re closer to releasing the machine now, I guess.


They said the fuse 1 will release in early 2021, but who knows when you can get them, since my form 3 was taking 3 months to deliver on my hand. I’m already gave up on fuse1, I just got my Lisa last month.


How is the Lisa?
Check the new Preform update. The material cost estimation is kinda scary to be honest.


The material, is what the machine needs to operate not that if you print a 30g print you end with a 100g part. To fill the machine you need around 8 kg of powder, I already made some simulations and for a full build you need around 4kg. Considering the output is very decent. The Lisa pro is very slow, for a 150 mm tall part it needs almost a full day, or at least that is what netfabb says.


So lets guess the nylon powder is like $70-100per kg ( sinterit sells $140 for 2kg PA12). So to have the machine start is to 8kg nylon inside. Assume you used 4kg as the prints, then there is 50% recycle rate of the powder which means 2kg you can get back from the leftover powder.

To print the 4k prints, the cost is 6kg nylon which is around $420-600 this range. Not including the machine depreciation, labor, and utility cost, etc. In this way, the price per gram gets close to $0.4-0.6 which is similar to those 3rd party printing service charge on their big EOS printers.