FUSE 1 update


We’re in Q4. Any update please. Another $1500 to my competitor’s SLS. It’s killing me.
BTW. I’m in Australia. I’ll be getting my uncle in Indiana to forward to me. Any chance you can just send it to me directly. Early adopter privilege!?


Any Fuse 1 updates?? Cost of operating seems a little bit of a mystery as well. But I think could be much higher than expected. Since the entire build chamber is heated to near glassing level at least 50% of the remaining powder must be replaced. So for simplicity sake, the chamber hold 1,000 cm3 of material and your mode(s) use 500 cm3. BTW this appears to be an almost direct comparison to your Form 2 in ml, except no supports, you are left with 500cm3 of unused material. However this 500 must be freshened up with 50% new material to reuse. So your consumption goes to 750cm3. Assuming the chamber only needs enough material to cover the vertical height of the models. So the question is how many cycles of this can we go thru. Now when complete I have some material that has been heated twice and some once mixed in. Next cycle would be some heated 3 times, some 2 times and some once. Hmmmm. How much does this powder cost from formlabs. Loading the build chamber in the software is going to be very important in determining the cost of the parts. Both numbers and orientation.


Wow this is great thank you for the information. :nerd_face: