From Design to Model: How 3D Printing Affects Animation

With the affordability of 3D printing increasing, individual artists, designers and smaller studios have access to tools that they never would have thought were within their reach. Artists and designers are creating 3D printed characters, sets, and props at a lower cost and with a reduced cycle time for iterations compared to ordering from a service bureau.

We spoke to Edward Quintero, who previously worked for Dreamworks Animation and Industrial Light & Magic, about 3D printing in the animation industry and his current role. As one of the founders of Mold3D, Edward is focused on fostering a community of 3D Modelers, Sculptors, and Designers.

After the success of their 3D printing workshops in Los Angeles, Edward and his cofounder, Robert Vignone, decided that they needed a way to reach a bigger audience. They recently started Mold3D Academy, a platform containing classes that vary from product design, toy design and sketching, to more technical training in 3D modeling and prototyping tools.

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