Francis' Dancer


I would like to share a WIP project that I started long time ago and that still need to be completed… but is in a “pause” mode: I should complet it with the right podium-stand solution.
The sculpture is one of the talented Francis Bezooyen. I’ve edited, hollowed and cutted it in order to print the dancer 32 cm long (female figure 15 cm tall).
Here some photos of printing process and then painting in white.

Hope you will like that and my best regards to the great sculptor Francis.


Wow! Freedom. Perfectly expressed.






Really nice, great work and printing.


This is amazing, thank you for sharing!



My God that is Beautiful! That’s what I call a statue! Seriously, the expression and the fabric are just perfect, GREAT job.


Fantastic! I really love some of your photographs as well. This one specifically is very beautiful.


Hello and thanks to everyone.
But I turn your nice comments to Francis Bezooyen, the sculptor. I just tried to transpose his digital work into real physical shape.

One day I would like to print it again, but without the dress: the female anotomy under it was nicely sculpted as well.

Best regards,


Excellent works, this figure not just in realism but also contains artistic element in it.


Hello FormLabbers,
here the last pics of the finished print about the dancer statue… with its pedestal (it was shaped like a shadow, casted on floor).
Thanks to Francis to have sculpted this woderful piece.

Hope you like it,


Really nice! Was there much clean up?


Hi and thanks.
Yes was a long cleaing job, especially because the prints came out little distorted along the edges where the supports are (in my case, along the cuts). Also the sphere have little deformations in the lower side, where were the supports.
It wasn’t easy to manage the connections between dress’ joints and hide them.

Other big problem was to keep it in place on the pedestral, because the pose and the shape of the object.


Hi Mattia, I haven’t been able to find your contact details anywhere on the web.
I wanted to request permission to feature some of your artworks in an online collection i’m putting together.
Please could you give me your email address, or contact me on
Much appreciated