Formlabs Form 2 sample

I ordered a Form 2 sample from Formlabs on Jan 28. I am wondering how long it took for others to receive the sample since the thank you email said it will be on its way shortly. I assumed by shortly it meant about 5 days. BTW I live in Texas.

I ordered a sample when the high temp came out. I don’t remember the exact number of days but it was roughly a week or so.

I would like to get the stl of the high temperature sample in order to modify it for my flamethrower,
do anyone know from where I can download it?

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I don’t think the STL has been shared publicly, they might if you ask nicely

BTW I mainly posted here so I could share my favorite George Carlin quote. :slight_smile:

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I asked for the Flexible demo .stl when I requested a sample (I wanted to compare Flexible V2 to my stock of V1) and was told that it’s confidential. At the time I didn’t know the sample was a block of resin with varied thickness tabs and I had a good laugh when my sample arrived. I always just assumed they never bothered to ask for it and made up a reason.

If we are allowed to have the sample .stl files your best bet is flagging someone’s attention in the forum rather than going through support.

I live in Texas, and it took about a week. Where are you located? I’m in Austin.