Formlabs Example Models

Are the models used in the Formlabs videos and pictures going to be available? Some of them are probably out there on thingiverse; however there are tons of different iterations. It would be interested to get the versions already optimized for the Form1.

Specifically, I’m looking for

  1. Gyro cube
  2. Eiffel Tower (in 2 pieces?)
  3. Neptune

Have you had a look on thingiverse?  - Version of the Gyro cube - Eiffel Tower (2 piece)

For some reason, I was thinking the FL gyro cube had beefier sides. The Thingiverse version looked a little thin. But you’re probably right.

I also found the Neptune elsewhere:


I think the system should ship with some set of reference models, to test the machine. The first troubleshooting step should always be, can you print reference model x? We shouldn’t have to pick a model at random and just hope it prints ok, not knowing if an error is in the model, the form software setup of the model, the printer, or the environment. These reference models should be right on the form software file menu, the same way that the arduino ide has example code.


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I agree with George on this one. I also think, the test file should cover the entire print area (maybe something with multiple models scattered over the area). Recently my prints are failing when printing on the right side of the printing area.

Hi All,

I would like to know at the default size used in the examples and at the highest resolution (25 Microns) how many layers does the rook model have.
It would be great if anybody knows an answer for this one.


I also agree with George.  I’ve been printing some calibration pieces to test the printer ( ) and I’ve had dismal luck achieving anything close to the published feature size.

If Formlabs would provide the STL models and printer settings to print the Eiffel tower or the Gryo cube with clear resin I would stop complaining immediately.  But I’m starting to suspect that the model unit(s) that were featured in the Kickstarter video were manufactured with significantly higher quality lasers and galvos (like you would find in a high-end printer) and then when it came time to mass produce they switched to inferior components.  The result is that we’re all seeing inferior print quality in comparison to the marketing video, caveat emptor.

Is that fancy rook with the spiral staircase available to download somewhere?

Devin you can find the fancy rook with the spiral staircase following the link below:

The GyroCube from thingiverse is VERY difficult to get printed… Reason being, the internal pieces are all stacked/aligned. If you look closely at images of the Formlabs version, you will see that they have each of the internal pieces rotated (to make them easier to support). Unless you can edit the thingiverse model first, you may not have much luck getting a good print.

You’d think FORM LABS would have a section of sample files more than just the butterfly clip… they pretty much just send us out on our own

For how long this post has existed it is surprising and disturbing that FL has not come up with anything better then the butterflies.  I am personally sick of printing them.  If they had value in calibrating a machine with the new calibration feature that would be one thing but the butterflies are completely useless unless one wants an army of Formlabs logos…

is there anyone who has bought the printer in Italy?
or any person who would like to print me half pieces so that I see the quality of the actual print