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Formlabs <> B8ta Retail Partnership


It’s our pleasure to announce an exciting pilot program between Formlabs, and up-and-coming innovative retail space B8ta!

B8ta is a retail concept that fully aligns with our mission of giving potential users a space to see, touch, and even try a product before deciding to buy. Formlabs printers will sit alongside all kinds of other fresh products, including some like toothbrush manufacturer Quip that were actually designed and prototyped on Formlabs printers!

You can learn more about B8ta’s mission and goals below.

There’s a big gap between the innovative products available online and what can be seen or tried in person. In 2015, we founded b8ta to create spaces where shoppers could try the latest products out of-the-box. To support our stores, we pioneered a model called Retail as a Service, whereby brands can easily sign up online to place their products, and use software to manage and analyze their store experience. What started as an experimental store in Palo Alto has grown into a network of stores nationwide that together make up the largest experiential retail footprint in the world.

Currently, there are Form 3 units in 7 B8ta store locations around The United States.

41 Northern Ave
Boston, MA 02210

Palo Alto:
516 Bryant Street
Palo Alto, CA 94301

2616 NE 46th Street
Seattle, WA 98105

11701 Domain Blvd
Suite 174
Austin, TX 78758

San Francisco:
590 Hayes St,
San Francisco, CA 94102

New York:
230 Vesey St
New York, NY 10281

New Jersey:
1200 Morris Turnpike
Short Hills, NJ 07078

Please stop by if you’re in the vicinity of one of these locations to check out the Form 3 and all sorts of other cool products!

Formlabs will likely be holding events in these spaces as well, so keep an eye on our social media feeds(Twitter-Instagram-Facebook) for more information.

We’re so excited about our first foray into brick and mortar retail, and we hope you’ll come check it out!



San Francisco:
590 Hayes St,
San Francisco, CA 94102