Anyone in the San Francisco area using a Formlabs machine? Would love to collaborate!


I run a 3D printing business from San Francisco and I use chiefly FDM machines. If I could afford a Formlabs printer, I would snap one up in an instant. Right now, I have a very reliable client who needs many, many, many iterations of a product he is designing - and he needs them in extremely high resolution. I have a friend with a Formlabs printer who lives half way across the country and mails me the parts I need, but even if he jumps to attention immediately, the mail can take 2-3 days to arrive.

When my client wants parts INSTANTLY (rapidly?), I’d love to have someone in the city to turn to. I can come right to your door for pickup and pay using any preferable method (Paypal/checks/cash).

The models are small, and perfect to show off the power of the Form printers. :slight_smile:

Similarly, if anyone is thinking about discarding a Formlabs printer and lives in the Bay Area… I would love to come help you repair it, buy it, etc, etc. Can’t let these beautiful machines end up in the scrap heap.

Thanks for your time and attention.

[If you do not want to post publicly, please send me a private message on here (is that even possible?), or email me at]

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I sent you an email. Might be able to help you

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