Form3 - can't use mixer side of build platform

How to resolve error code 61 on form 3? should I reinstall form 3 and manually install the firmware update? Will that work?

My errors ended up being a combination of larger file sizes (300-800mb) and the printer just not being good at printing on the mixer side, I still avoid that 1/4 of the bulid plate (I couldn’t go through all the tests Formlab wanted me to as I’m printing unique files all the time, when I do a run of identical models I’ll be able to interrogate the printer properly and prove the issues to Formlabs and hopefully make them acknowledge the problem).

Resinstall all the software and firmware, if it still happens then it’s your file, re-generate it from your modelling software and run it through Meshmixer or Meshlab to check for errors.

Or of course you could go via Formlabs support, but I can’t really say that’ll help much as it didn’t help me.

I reinstalled the preform as well as installed the formware through preform manually. I tried printing the butterfly print but after all this as well, I still face the error 61

What to do guys? pls help!

Contact Formlabs support

I’ve also noticed some weird layer lining issues lately. Dunno if it’s a firmware issue or what; some stuff prints perfectly and some appears to be not cured all the way.