Form2 lubrification

I recently bought a used Form2.

When printing, the wiper drive was doing annoying noise bursts - squeals.

As I wanted to clean the main mirror and the galva mirrors, I opened the cover to have access to the side.
I took the opportunity to diagnose this squeals.

As always, I forgot taking pictures so I am using “Formlabs Form 2 Teardown « bunnie's blog” one.

I used specific oil for linear guide. Don’t ask me which one, I cannot remember :frowning:

Doing that and moving the tank carrier tray, I found a longitidinal play related to two loose screw holding the rack pinion. Is this normal ?

I, gently, retighten them but without great conviction as this play could be normal to avoid any mechanical stress on the linear bearing. What do you think ?

But whatever, the squeals disappeared :slight_smile: