Form1+ for sale (Florida)

I upgraded to the Form2 so it’s time to sell my 1+. I just got the unit back from Formlabs so it has about 2.5 months warranty left (I’m not sure when the 90 day warranty starts, probably 25 April). I haven’t taken it out of the box since getting it back. It comes with:
– One used tank (good condition) and almost new print head, both used with tough
– two used tanks (good condition) and a print head (good shape) used with Clear2
– two new tanks and one new print head - all unused, in original box

– 3/4 full bottle of Clear2
– ~1/2 bottle of tough

I also have the original finishing station. the IPA tank is a replacement. I also have the cutter, spatula, etc that came with the printer. All items have been used but still very serviceable.

Asking $1600 + Shipping. You can contact me at

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