Form Wash isn't perfect

Not sure whether this belongs here or in troubleshooting.

I printed a dummy J1772 inlet (you mount it on the wall and it holds your car charger plug when you’re not charging with it). This model has a bunch of deep nooks and crannies. I’ve discovered that the Form Wash doesn’t do terribly well with this sort of part. I had to sort of manually dunk it and pour it out a lot after the wash cycle was done, and then I went after it with dish soap and hot water. Having done that, I think it’s going to be ok.

This isn’t a complaint - it’s hard to imagine how the wash could be improved to solve this problem - just noting it here for anyone else who might run across a similar situation.

Would an ultrasonic cleaner (with IPA in it) help to clean a part like that?

I use the dishwashing sponge:)

Well, if the nooks and crannies are small enough that won’t work.