Form Cure - Material selection

Today I’ve forgotten that Tough resin requires 120min @ 60°C and cured the parts only for 60min on the FORM Cure.

Would be great to allow the user to choose the material to cure by name.

  • clear
  • durable
  • high temp
  • ect.

But please keep the manual time and temperature feature.

Many Thanks

I believe FormLabs recommend a 60min cure for tough as between 60 and 120 mins the gain in tensile modulus is 5% compared to the initial gain of 67%.( I know the question is about having resin setting which I strongly agree with) I just wondered why you cure for the full 120 mins?

There is an overview which recommends 120min for a full cure for tough resin.

Where can I find the information about the gain of 5% between 60 and 120min?

This is the link which takes you to the temp settings, there’s a dropdown menu to select the material you want.