Form Cure. Is it best to leave parts in Form Cure to cool?

Good afternoon, I am using standard Grey, Tough 1500, and Clear.
My question is a general one. When using the FormCure settings say for Tough 1500.
The Tempreture is set to 70 Deg C, and Cure time 60 minutes at that tempreture. When this is complete is it best to leave the parts in the Form Cure to ‘temper’ or is it best to take the parts out after the hour and let them cool in ambient room tempretures?

All I want to do is Stop Warping as so many of my parts are Kits and need to fit together well.
Thank you in anticipation.

I think I recall reading that it is best to allow parts to cool in the cure chamber, to avoid a sudden change in temperature, but I am not 100% sure. You may want to try a new slice job with a different orientation if you’re encountering warping though, more often than not that is the culprit.

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Warping with post curing depends on a lot of factors…but I’ve found that sometimes you will get warp no matter what you do, especially with thin parts that undergo heated post cure.

Making sure your parts dry a full day before curing will help mitigate.

Curing without heat will ultimately prevent warp but at the expense of mechanical properties.

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From personal tests, I get the best results when I let parts fully dry (i cure them next day if not in a hurry). If in a hurry I use a fan.
Then in Cure with the supports still attached! I remove them only after part is fully cured.

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Thank you ALL, this is very helpful reassurance.
I am using the recommended settings for the supports and orientation of the parts, for Tough 1500.
Then allowing overnight to dry off IPA beofre curing at recommended temp, time,
I’ve left them in to Cool Down in the cure station they are better.

Now when they are finished I’m putting a metal weight on the parts overnight to help keep them straight.
Thanks All.

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If you don’t care much about maximun strength you can cure them at room temperature.
High temperature tends to bend them more than at room temp. And of course leave the supports on the part while curing

Hi all,

Thank you for sharing your suggestions here! I’m glad to hear that the results improved after letting the parts cool in the Cure and weighing them down afterwards. If any issues persist, feel free to get in touch with Support for them to take a closer look.

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