Form 3 Unboxing and First Impressions!


Hey there!

Open Mode is absolutely coming but nothing to talk about at this time. More details coming soon. :slight_smile:

Form 3 Resin Availability Update

Thats good to know - any idea of how long before its likely to be implemented?


That’s good to know. Does “similar in scope” mean that Castable Wax will not be available as print profile, as seen in How open is open mode on Form 2??


Do the contact points look identical when you view them in the slicer? Do you think the tips are smaller because the support structures are printed “more accurately”, or do you think there’s some software/firmware trick going on?

Ah, I was concerned about artifacts stepping might produce. I assume those are the less dense lines seen on the sphere, perpendicular to the layer lines. Hard to tell, but it looks like the shifting isn’t exactly uniform - is that correct? Does it occur on other layer heights as well (or to varying degrees)? The lines look pretty feint - any estimate on how proud the “worst case” steps are?

That’s another question I posed before buying. Could you elaborate on your experience so far removing failed prints? Is it tough to do without damaging the flexible membrane? Is the software patch to union failure areas out yet (or do you think it will help when it is)?


The supports look the same in Preform. I don’t want to speculate too much on why they came out smaller until I have more experience with the printer.


We have done a small comparison video from the Form2 to the Form3 if you want to check it out here.


Good demo but comes across like the same videos Formlabs puts out to sell the form 3 product & not a actual end user review. I follow this discussion for REAL end users reviews of the form 3.


Not even seeing many write ups… much less videos? Why is everyone too quiet?


100% agree. Such a large product and not one big media review that I’ve seen. That’s pathetic at best.


Como dice Mouriño, porque…?
Porque aun no hemos visto ningun video real de la f3 trabajando???