Form 3+ Help – Prints Leave Thin Resin Film

Hello! Our Form 3+ lately has been having issues when completing prints where detailed areas typically produce a thin layer of resin that covers finer details of the model. It seems like the resin maybe drips and cures in odd places?

Does anyone have any tips in resolving the issue? It doesn’t seem like our resin expired or anything, and our firmware is up to date. I also tried re-orienting the model, which sort of helped, but the issue is still there. (Attaching 2 sample prints!)

Print 1
Left side of face is fine, but right side has the resin film:

Print 2
After re-orienting, face is a little better, but still not well defined.

Appreciate any help in advance! Thank you!

I’m sorry to see that! Can you please submit this as a support ticket here and we’ll look into it for you?

Yes! I’ll submit a ticket. Thank you!

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