Form 2 V-3 Resin Tank Life.... 2 Liters or More?

We are printing Dental Models @ 100 Microns on our Form 2. We are very cautious of placement using heat maps. Could we expect to get more than 2 Liters of Resin on one tank? I have read that others do not take any chances and just replace after two.
Anyone have an opinion on this?

Estou usando a resina V2 e já estou no segundo tanque creio que impossível usar 2 litro de resina para um tanque.

would be nice to have the map come up on PREFORM that way you could guess a little less as to where to place the print.
I would just get a two tanks per two cartridges and if one starts to give a bad print replace it earlier.


I believe you could use more than 2 liters of resin on one tank depending on how much clouding that resin formulation affects the silicon layer. You’ll have to experiment and see. I print mostly using 0.1mm resolution and this is my 3rd resin cartridge without any problem (Clear V2).

I’ll only replace the tank when I see a degradation in quality in my prints.

My impressions I use 0.25 microns of V2 I have to use two tanks for a liter of resin.

I would like to see more responses like this that are spelled out…

Resin Type / Liters Used
Print Quality (microns)
Quantity of tanks used

Not all resins cloud tanks at quite the same rate and DentalSG is a bit more aggressive than some of our more standard materials. With optimal part distribution, you can expect 1-2L from a tank.

Printing at 25 microns will cloud tanks more quickly than printing at 50 or 100. Clouding is in large part a function of laser exposure and smaller layer heights will correlate with greater laser exposure for a given part.