Form 2, TONS OF EXTRAS! Works great- Training Included - $3500 - RHODE ISLAND

Hi Everyone!

Form 2 Printer, with build platform. Fantastic condition - spotless

Extras include:
2 Hours of Personal Training from me (2 years experience with Formlabs, 7 years of 3D printing with SLA)
2 Hours additional support afterwards
Complete Cleaning kit and tools
Brand new build platform - $99
6 quarts of 91% IPA
UV Curing Box and Light - Light is 405nm UV which is the best for curing parts. The box is simply made from a cardboard box lined with tin foil.

Willing to sell material and trays separately. Make an offer!

Material Cartridges:
Durable (currently installed) - 50%
Durable - New
Tough - New
Black - 90%
White - 40%
Clear - 10%

Durable (currently installed) - 50% Life
White - 90% Life
White - 50% Life
Tough - 50% Life
Black - 30% Life
Clear - 20% Life

Why I’m selling:

I’m a contract mechanical engineer and I purchased this printer in the summer of 2016 for several client projects. I’ve cut my clients down to two larger clients. One clients only does metal work overseas and never prototypes and the other has a $200K Project 6000 SLA from 3D systems so they have no need for my capabilities. It’s been about 4 months since I’ve printed and I don’t see too much professional use for me in the near future.

The printer operates beautifully. The only issue which is really a non issue is a knocking sound on occasion between layers. There are tons of forum questions about this and the answers range from it is normal to it is the cross sectional area of the part being large that causes it. Regardless the parts come out perfect but I want it to be known so there are no questions of functionality.

I’m happy to do a test print for or with you before purchasing.

For pictures check out my listings on CL or eBay

PS I’m located in Rhode Island but am willing to deliver around the northeast.



Do you happen to deliver to the Springfield, MA area? I’m currently designing and building a force feedback hand prosthetic, but need a more durable material then PLA. I designed and built my own sliding vat DLP resin printer; but finally caved and decided to look for a more refined solution now that I have a baby (have less time).

Is the price negotiable without any of the training etc?

Dan Beaven

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