Form 2 Testing

Excitement about the Form 2 here at Formlabs HQ is electric, and efforts to see what the new printer is capable of are in full swing.

One of our engineers wanted to see how large he could print our castable ring sample and the result is this monster creation that stands over 150mm tall (the original sample on the left is only around 30mm).

We are excited about the possibilities the increased build volume brings and hope you are too!


do you guys allows custom platform bases now?

That’s no moon!

Haha, we should print a Death Star…

@Francesco_Pessolano - are you referring to the bases that Preform generates when creating supports? This is not customizable itself…but you can manually edit support structures which will modify the base appropriately.


I thought the base.

The base for this ring was not generated in PreForm –– it’s part of the model.

Some PreForm-generated internal supports were added manually.

Now I want to see it cast in osmiridium.

Looks great!!! :smiley: