Form 2 sitting with resin for 2 years


My Form 2 printer has been sitting in my garage (no direct sunlight) for about 2 years. There is resin in the tank, and anywhere else resin would be if someone was using it and then just stopped.

My question is, aside from updates… what should I do before using it again?

Thanks in advance for your help.

Get rid of the old stuff and get a new tank and new resin. If it’s been sitting in your garage for 2 years, I’m assuming it’s been exposed to extended periods of high temp and humidity and low temps. It may (probably) need its optics cleaned…

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Couldn’t it be that if the resin feels ok when you stir it it would be ok for printing? Which resin is it?
I would definitely pour it in a new tank though.

But it would be really really helpful if you would post detailed photos of the condition of the tank after it’s empty of the resin, since it’s surely past 3x it’s standard lifetime. A lot of us here would like to know more about the failure modes of a tank that has been exposed to resin for such a long time.

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