Form 2 has lost its resilution

I have bought a cleaning kit and have cleaned the optical window.
I have also bought a new tank and resin to go in it but I am still getting failed prints and prints that have lost all of its resolutions. This is happening on all types of resins as well.

here are some examples and the original STL

this is not good.
Open a support ticket with Formlabs- you may have a bad laser or need to clean inside the optical bay.

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I thought as much. that is going to be a pain to do.
Thank you

If it’s “only” pollution along the optical path of the laser, cleaning the optical window, main mirror and galvo mirrors should take you less than an hour and the instructions from Formlabs are pretty thourough.

In any case they’ll make you go through these steps before incriminating the laser and authorising an RMA procedure.

Hey @Omlet,

I’m so sorry to hear you’re having some issues with optical degradation. The advice offered by others in this thread is spot on. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our support team and we’d be more than happy to investigate for you ASAP.

One more quick piece of feedback. Even with a printer working at 100%, the chances of getting a working planetary gear right out of the printer is pretty slim, just because the tolerances are so small. This is not to say it’s impossible, but it could be tricky even on a perfectly functional machine.

That being said, it definitely does look like you’re experiencing some additional optical problems, so we’ll absolutely give you a hand sorting that out.

If the printer is not under warranty, clean the internal mirrors in the leiser.

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