Form 2 Hangs on First Layer

On the last several prints, the printer just waits on the first layer. The status appears like it is printing normally and is not saying that it is sensing resin. It does this for around 30 to 45 minutes, and then finally prints normally. Any ideas?

The first layer usually takes longer than subsequent layers. I feel it’s possibly thicker than the following layers so it adheres better to the build plate. Also will make more noise releasing from the Tray Bottom. Almost sounds like it’s breaking the machine sometimes. That may be do to the percentage of the area being printed, larger areas take longer and harder to release from the tray.

While it’s normal for the first few layers to take longer, 30 to 45min seems way too long. it CAN take 30-45mins for the printer to print the first 10-30 layers if your print uses almost all the build area, but it’s not normal for the first layer to take this long.

If these 30-45mins are really only for the first layer you should open a support ticket.

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