Form 1/+ peel motor 35BYZ-B01-12 Europe group deal

Hi There,

For the 2nd time my Form 1 upgraded to + peel motor has to be replaced, Formlabs discontinued products and repairs. I’m curious if there are people in Europe interest in the form1/+ peel motor 35BYZ-B01-12 ? obvious the peel motor is a consumable, as a lot of form 1 owners had the peel motor replaced or had issues with it.
I could buy 10 pieces bulk deal from china or greater and redistribute so our machines aren’t rendered useless!! If your interested im going to turf and see if there are some of you that maybe want a spare part laying when the day come’s and you can do a quick and fast fix, otherwise 5
weeks waiting time for a replacement!

Let me know if your interested!

Regards Marcel Kerkmans

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