Form 1 for sale new never used

I received a replacement for my form 1 and I want to sell it.

I never used it and will be sold as it is ( I will double check that the cover is not damaged and take photos for insurance in case. )

For the insurance of the printer you will have to deal with Formlabs and I will provide the invoice they gave when they ship it to prove the date of when I got the printer.

I will ship separately some resin I have ( one bottle of 2/3 grey  more or less and one 1/2 bottle of clear more or less) and the finish kit ( base plus alcohol plastic container and scraper) I will send email coupon too as soon I got more of them.

I will have to look for the shipping price later tonight and will declare the value paid by the seller for the insurance. ( unless the buyer says otherwise)

I will consider only US address for now.

I am located in Orange county not too far from Irvine if someone want to pick it up.

Please make me your best offer ( won’t accept lower price than the retail ) and depending of the responses I will see or make a counter offer ( your offer will not include shipping or taxes).

Please contact me on : julien*_*lefebvre*@*hotmail*.*com   ( delete just the stars for the valid email)

Not for sale anymore