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Form 1 / 1+ / 2 3rd Party Resin Settings Master List


Does anyone have working settings for the bucktown EP200-V420-S for the form1+

I just bought 4kg of it so i hope i can get it to work


There are some great tools in this thread. Thank you for the work you guys have put in to compile this info.

I brought home a Form 2 yesterday and only have some Elegoo black abs-like resin. Haven’t been able to find any profile info for this resin.

Anyone have experience or suggestions?

I’ll probably end up ordering something else on the list for the Form 2 if it’s more effort than it’s worth.


i missed that this was an LCD/DLP specific resin. That wasnt a thing last time i had an SLA printer.

Glad i bought a small bottle.

Ordered some FTD resin but in the meantime i am going to mess with some of the Monoprice resin. Marketing says it is intended to work with laser printers as well as LCD and DLP.

I recognize that i still need to find a compatible profile. if i find anything useful, i will share the results. I got the form 2 for free and i dont have any work fro it so testing is the perfect use of machine time.


Small chance that any of the LCD or DLP resins are going to work unfortunately…


Yeah. Been catching up on new resin formulas.

The monoprice marketing claims it’s for laser sla printers. I’ve run every version of Grey, black, clear and castable profiles (most commonly suggested for other 3rd party resins) with no luck. They all cure but it’s over curing by a long shot. So much so that light dispersed by the laser reacting off the surface of the platform creates a huge “splash” of cured resin.

My FTD resin order has been delayed. I’m going to just have to order some formlabs so I don’t feel like a failure lol


Not sure if anyone is still active here. I obtained a Form !+ and did a few prints out of the box with the Photocentric Flexible at Grey V4 and it worked VERY well. I just can’t get it to cure in post. Does anyone have any ideas on a setup. I did end up putting it in water and setting it under the light over night… it is better but still not done. I don’t really ant to have to cure for days and days.


You really need a strong UV light and curing under water to get it tack free. It can help to wipe a layer of oil when done.


When you say strong… is there a quantifier to that?

like these?


I have just tested some value for money plug and play 3D resin from 3Dresyns:

I bought it at 400 Euro for 5 L. It is tougher than Grey Pro resin. It printed well with high definition in open mode using Formlabs Clear v2 settings.
3Dresyns also have a bunch of resins for engineering and dental which i have not tested yet.

Has anyone tested them in the Form 2 and 3?


Are you still using this? How are the results?