Foggy/Cloudy Optical window from the inside?

Why this is even happen? how do i clean it? Im gettin tired of this… this is happening at the same time too new tanks cracked again and broke… Formlabs people please before launching a new printer solve Form2 problems.


I’m not from Formalbs but I would like to ask about the environment the printer is located in.
Is it located in a humidity environment?
Did you ever got resin spill from the tank on the glass or in the front gutter?

Its seems that due to the heat produced from the machine while working with very humidity environment / resin that is located inside the machine that went through the gutter is causing to this problem. Especially if its happened every time you print.

It will also help if you can tell what resin you used.

Just contact FormLabs support, they will provide you with instructions what to do. Our Form2’s windows fogged from the inside for no apparent reason.

What was their answer to it?

i solved it cleaning underside with IPA and pec pad towels

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