FlexV2 - No longer reliable


Has anyone experienced issues printing FlexV2 on the Form3. ?

I’ve printed almost a couple of hundred of a hollow doughnut design which were printing fine. However the last batch were a struggle with multiple fails, and I’m now seeing parts split post build and curing,.

We’ve amended the design to allow for a breather hole to mitigate any suction problems with the hollow design and that’s made the issue arguably worse.

My suspicion is firmware updates may have impacted the printer but have no evidence.

On the upside, the layer shift we originally saw with the Grey is much improved, it’s a pity it’s the minority of the work we do.

Has anyone tried the new Flex80A ? I wonder if it;s worth moving to that.




When was the last time you replaced the resin tank?


The tank was recently replaced.

Interesting as now you mention it the issues may have started or got worse with the new tank ?


Tanks have been known to be bad. Doesn’t happen often, but I do remember reading posts from people who had issues with a new tank right out of the box.


Thanks, I’m in discussions with Form at the moment. It’s an odd one.


I’m coming to the conclusion that FlexV2 is no longer reliable, having struggled to print previously good parts across a couple of machines.

It’s unclear what the root cause of the issue is. Form seem to be struggling to come up with a solution but I’d be interested in hearing if anyone else has similar problems.

It looks like a move to the new 80A may solve the problem but we have a lot of clients who like the ‘black’ of the old material.


If the costs allow it you can always blend in some Color Kit Black and White and tweak the mix with 3DResyns cure accelerator to make your own faux-Flex Black