Flexible Resin - Cross section minimums

I have a client who wants some components in the flexible resin, I think the component is a gasket or similar item. It’s a circular torus, about 27mm in Diameter, with the printable section about 3mm in diameter - it’s hollow and the walls are only .35mm in cross section. As someone who has only used the regular resins this seems far too thin - I would normally print cross-sections at 1 - 1.5mm as a minimum as much as possible. Does any one have any experience or recommendations?


yes that is far too thin for the flexible resin the thinnest I have been able to print was 1.3mm thick but even then the massive size of the support point poked through so I had some minor bumps to sand out. For me it was okay but it sounds like the features your client would require are too thin in my eyes.

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So, basically an 27mm x 3mm O-Ring.

Why does it need to be hollow? How did they plan on manufacturing that?
Why not print a two-piece mold and pour it with silicone?

Heh, or better, design around standard O-Ring sizes and types :smile:

It has some extra bits on it, 3 prongs or ‘legs’ spaced 120°degrees apart so it’s not a straight forward ‘O ring’. I’m not sure why it’s hollow but that’s the way it’s been designed. I’m going to advise a redesign as it just doesn’t seem printable in its current form.

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