Flexible 80a vs. ApplyLabWork "Robust Champagne"


Has anyone done a comparison between Flexible 80a resin and Apply Lab Work’s “Robust Champagne”?

Their brochures make the resins look pretty similar, but I have not done a direct comparison. I might be able to do one in a few weeks.


ApplyLabWork’s “Robust Champagne” is an increment in stiffness from Flexible 80a. I’ll make a few more prints for comparison. While Flexible 80a feels like rubber o-ring material (PTFE, neoprene), “Robust Champagne” feels maybe twice as stiff, and it has a cleaner surface finish on printing, maybe better compared to the kinds of polycarbonates they use for things like sunglasses.

Robust Champagne at 40c behaves similarly to Flexible 80a at 20c. i.e. at normal room temperatures Robust feels more like the old transparent blue “Tough”. But as the temperature increases, it becomes relatively flexible.

Robust Champagne is sandable at room temperature. Flexible 80a on the other hand is rather difficult to sand at room temperature.