The best of both worlds? ApplyLabWork+Formlabs

After trying ApplyLabWork black resin and finding it translucent (see this thread -,
I tried a 50/50 mixture of ALW black with Formlabs black V4. I got opaque pieces and so far no supports snapping off at the base. And the mix is considerably cheaper than V4.

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I too have mixed two of the resins with no issues. I only use ALW resin right now and have mixed FLEX with GREY at various levels with no issues. I run it at FL Grey V3 settings.
At the suggested 1 part Flex to 3 parts Grey it was too flexible and required way too much cleaning. At 1-15% Flex to Grey I get some give on small parts and no extra work in cleaning. I’ll stick with this for the time being and see how certain products work out.

So, just to be sure I get it (before I consider ordering yet more resin) - the flex and gray you’re using are both ALW, at a ratio of 1:10ish? (For some reason, I keep wanting to call it the 7% solution in honor of Holmes and Watson… and the sleuthing needed to get a perfect mixture for certain purposes. )

I had immense trouble assembling a model recently because I found the FL resin to be very brittle when attempting to snap joints together. This sounds like exactly the magic potion / resin goo I might need to get that model to be printable on the Form2.

Yes, both are ALW resins. My issue was that the parts I print are so thin they broke easy with just using the Modeling Grey Resin. So they suggested a 1 part FLEX to 3 parts GREY. It was way too gooie and would have been hard to clean as IPA didn’t seem to have an effect on it that much. So, I opted to try a lower ratio. Can’t see it’s a total success until I put more finished items out in the field so to speak.

Yes, Grey would be an issue with any kind of snap connection. I just use slip-together and Plastruct Plastic Weld glue.

I just started using ApplyLabWork resins and have been consistently getting good prints. I don’t find the black translucent though. I print hollow dental models and they are solid black, because of the thicker wall i guess. FL black V4 was giving me a lot of problems, and at less than half the price of FL resins, Im happy with ApplyLab resins.


Any of you guys have problems with the ALW destroying your print trays? I’ve had to replace 3 trays already in just two months because the resin would eat through the silicone on the tray after just a few prints. I’ve never seen it with normal Formlabs resins. I could get a few prints out of it but after about a week the resin starts to leak through the tray and the silicone on the tray would start peeling off.

I only started using it 2 weeks ago, so it’s maybe too early to tell how it affects the tray. I can tell you I store the trays, when not in use, in a cold room in the basement where the temperature is around 15C or 60F. I’ve been using Digital Forge resin for about 6 months now and it hasen’t eaten any trays.

That looks about the same as the result I got as far as translucence. My buildings have walls only 1mm thick so the light shines right through them.

I’ve used it for two years and let the resin sit in the trays for months and have never had any issues with it eating any thing in the trays. Contact ALW to find out what they have to say. I know they use the Form2 printers for testing and do a lot of printing with them. They also recoat their trays as they sent me one to test for them.

So after about 7 weeks in the tray, the PDMS layer is now trashed.

Well you certainly have more luck than me. Mine went out in 2-3 weeks max. Layer peeled within the first 2 prints in the first week. I sent photos of everything to Formlabs and their response is basically “we don’t know what happened, but we’ll give you a discount to purchase the LT tank”.

I contacted ALW and they’re basically saying that the Formlabs trays are junk and I should just rework the tray with a better PDMS layer. Checked on Amazon and it costs like $100 just for the silicone alone. You have to pour it in and bake it in the oven for an hour or two.

I’ve discontinued use of the Form 2 at this point. Went and bought a $500 Anycubic Photon to see if it works any better.

I purchased mine here:
ALW provided complete instructions in how to re-coat the trays. When you calculate shipping and everything it’s cheaper doing your own.