Flexi Resin + Acrylic Casting?

Hi there-

We are wondering if anyone has had luck using the flexible resin as a mold for casting acrylic. We are looking to produce a mold for use in creating small parts that will be cast from 2 part acrylic.

Any insight would be appreciated.


I can’t think of a reason why the Flex wouldn’t work as long as there aren’t any major undercuts.

You might even try the new durable on one side and flexible on the other side. This would help stabilize the mold and make it more repeatable. The durable should flex just enough to de mold a part with no undercuts.

I do know that the parts must be fully cured before you cast anything into them. I’ve had some odd surface reactions casting parts into molds that aren’t fully cured. Use good mold release no matter what. If you still have odd cure issues try a thin coat of spray lacquer on the mold to seal it.