Flexible resin/ sensitive skin / adult toys

Dose anyone know how the flexible resin reacts to sensitive skin?
I am working on prototype adult toys and need to know if this resin is okay to use in this way.
If not is there any on the market ?

The resin is a-ok to prototype with but I would not “use” the item. It is one thing to hold a grip made in Flexible resin, I gather it is a different story “using” the print for this purpose. I think your best bet would be to get the proper fit and finish you are looking for and then cast a “usable” prototype in an appropriate material approved for this purpose.


Check out the mold tutorial by @BJBenterprises to see how this is often done. As @DavidRosenfeld mentioned, you probably don’t want to use the printed part natively. Often it’s best to print a mold or use a positive printed part to make a mold and then cast a silicone typically used for this sort of thing.


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