Flat spots when printing on build platform

Hey guys, I’ve got a quick question I was hoping to get some help for. When I print models directly on the build platform they have a flat spot where they are touching it.
Is this a normal thing when printing directly on there, or is there an offset/adjustment I need to make to avoid this?



form 2 compacts the first 0.5mm to ensure is sticks to the build platform.

I’m sure this is what will be causing the flat spot.


don’t this the shape of a ring in that orientation will work for building directly on the platform as the curved shape gives a very limited contact point. I believe building on the platform is much more suitable for part with large flat features

The printer uses a high exposure for the first layers to help with adhesion which is causing that. for a ring, you’ll want to start off with one point about 5mm off the build platform.

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