Fixing Part Distortion

I was having long thin parts distort using the casting resin 02. I was removing the base first and then UV curing the parts. I found that UV curing the parts first and then removing the bases eliminated the distortion completely.

Everyone but me probably knew all this, but just in case others have this problem, this might help.

Bill Box

Thin and fragile parts will distort really easy with IPA so minimize the contact with them or go to a water based system as some of us are using: Replacing Isopropyl Alcohol with Yellow Magic

Leaving the supports in place doesn’t guarantee success, but it can indeed help keep a part “true” while it’s going through final cure. Part orientation also seems to have an effect on how badly a part will warp in post-cure. At least, that’s been my experience with Tough. How it plays in to the outcome isn’t clear to me. I have printed the same part with different orientation, removed the supports before curing, and had one stay nearly flat while the other curled significantly…but I haven’t taken the time to actually quantify anything.

The main reasons I disbanded the use of IPA in cleaning was because many of my parts are thin and flat, IPS made them warp on me., Keeping the supports on them throughout the post cure would cause chipping when removed and lastly I got tired of have a bucket of toxic sludge that was difficult to cure out and dispose of.

I haven’t tried the Tough resin yet, my concern with it is it’s ability to hold fine details which many of my pieces have.

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