Five minutes of your opinion about 3D printing platforms please!

Dear Formlabs Community,

thanks for having me! Sadly I don’t have a 3D printer yet (poor student), but the interest on the topic is definitly there. That’s why I made 3D printing and 3D printing platforms a part of my master thesis and I would be very glad if you could spend five minutes for giving me your expert opinions here, it would complete my research of six months:

Thank you all so much and keep on printin’!

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I think your questions are too vague. It’s difficult to answer. At least for me!


The questions can be a bit vague. I think it would go a long way in your search for answers especially for research if you refine them and perhaps provide examples of what you mean. This will make it clear to the user and provide increased validity in your results. Best of luck on your thesis.

dont most colleges have 3d printing labs these days since STEM is in high demand. walk in, its like the modern day chess club of robotics. You may realize they are pretty cool to talk to in person.