Any Retailers out there 3D Printing?

I just joined FormLabs today and am researching feasibility of 3D Printing for The UPS Store. We do lots of 2D Printing and we want to expand into 3D. If anyone out there has experience please reach out.

Hi, I don’t have retail experience, but printing with resin is going to be quite messy. I’m not sure if you want that in your shop.

Your best bet would probably be a small reliable FDM printer like a Prusa i3. I would recommend that you spend some time with it yourself before you advertise that capability, as you will need to educate your customers on what is and what isn’t possible with 3D printing. Also, you’ll probably have to deal with a lot of bad STL files with errors, if your users use SketchUp or the like to 3D model their designs.

I appreciate the response and advice.