First print with the Form 2

Hi all,

I just wanted to share my first 3D print with my brand new Form 2 and introduce myself to the community.

My name is Wouter and I’m a concept designer from Amsterdam.
I’ve always wanted to bring designs ‘to the real world’ so this is a really fun new step with fun new challenges.
Man, this printer is amazing! The quality is incredible, and I’ve only printed at 100 microns yet.

Here are some photos from my first print for those who are interested; It’s part of a 6th scale robot arm. This is the ‘skeleton’. On top will be armour pieces that move as the arm bends. I kind of messed up on the ‘tricep’ part, will have to rethink that.
Also I can already tell I’m going to have problems with the joints becoming too loose. Maybe there’s some kind of rubber bands that I can cut up and put between the joints.

The print quality and accuracy is incredible though, so happy I bought this thing! I still have to buy some tools for sanding and finishing up, so the model on the photos is still a bit messy.

I also made a short video of the mechanics: - YouTube

Anyway, looking forward to being a part of the community and seeing what crazy stuff everyone is making!

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Congratulations, amazing for a first Print!

May I ask you what software you use to design the mechanical hinges?

Best Regards,

Joao Lavaque

Thanks Joao!

I designed everything in Fusion 360. Still learning, but loving the program so far.
I can definitely recommend it. It has a free 30 day trail and other free options, so it’s very easy to try out.


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