First ever perfect horizontal cross-section on a 3L

I think we’ve all been there but do you know when you have a large cross-section as a base of a model and you attempt to print it horizontally flat on the bed (with supports)? That usually returns a mess of a surface due to peeling forces, nowhere for the resin to escape, etc.
I usually choose Rigid 4000 just because it’s very easy to scrape of those excesses of resin blobs and support marks.

I printed two parts, both with Rigid 4000 but on a Form 3 and an 3L.

One was a small prototype just to check for dimensions on a Form 3:

Which resulted in what was expected (a mess of a base):

The other part (which was a final part) was printed on a Form 3L:

What I didn’t expect was this super flat base surface especially being the part way larger than the other one:

The photos don’t show exactly how smooth it came out. It was dimensionally flat without a single bump, and even the where the supports touched I couldn’t feel any difference with my fingers. Sure, they’re visually there but not physically noticeable.

This was done with the “new” 0.05 beta setting for the Rigid 4000 on the 3L.

Has any of you ever got such a flat horizontally flat base before?

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Nice result!

I typically go direct-on-base to achieve a flat surface like this, although it can take some tuning to get the right height, or print at an angle on supports when I need dimensional accuracy without mucking about. Nice to see how clean that came out.

Great result.

Not sure if its the case but when observing the 3L I think the flexible bottom and the whole LFS seems to work slightly better. As soon as the head has past you see the flexible bottom go down and release the print. While in the 3 this is less?!?

Never had anywhere this perfect result before so it’s the new 0.05 beta settings and / or the v2 tank.
I always preferred to scrape the horizontally flat surfaces than to orient them at weird angles but this time I literally did nothing. Things seems to be improving and on the 3L and I’m starting to feel less of a beta tester now :slight_smile:

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