Fine tuning Z

are of version 1.9.1 is fine-tuning not in z

Hey Guido, not sure I understand your question. Could you clarify?


I believe you are asking why there are scaling (fine- tuning) for the X and Y axis.

They exist so the axis can be dialed in to get a more accurate part as the factory calibration is usually accurate but not perfect in all cases. Attempting to adjust the Z steps would be changing the layer heights that are fixed. Since the Z axis is controlled by a stepper motor ( and not scalable glavos) there is no need to have that adjustment. If you need the Z steps scaled, your printer most likely needs service.


I had the issue that many options didn’t appear in a fresh install of Preform 191 until I restarted the machine. One of these things was the menu bar from where you access the fine tunning options.

For reference, also I couldn’t change layer height for the print.

have version 1.8.2 installed again.
Here the fine tuning is in Z.
My part is 2mm high. When I print without finetuning is 1.5mm Part.
I change the fine tuning on -0,5mm is part 2mm is OK
That does not work anymore since version 1.9.
Part is always 0.5mm too small in
no matter what I set

Can you post a screen shot of exactly what you are changing. The only setting that adjusts the Z axis is how far the build tray presses into the PDMS layer.

Can you also post a picture of how you have the part oriented calling out which dimension you are referring to.

This will help us figure out exactly what is going on.


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