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I learned of Formlabs via Facebook. Since the company advertises to “Joe the Plumber” therein, one might reasonably expect the availability of a financing plan. It’s not a used car, but at the MSRP, it sure feels like one. I would even be willing to pay on a layaway plan.

That way, the company gets to use my money AND, if the next model comes out during my payment period, I can add a bit more to purchase the latest model!

Perhaps I am confused, but it sounds like a win-win to me.

The idea is free, but I’d like a price break if it works!

Ever consider a small personal loan or maybe a lease? Not sure if section 178 is still in effect, if so you can write off the total value in the first year. This helps quite a few small businesses.
Leases can be expensive in terms of total money paid out on the machine. Best personal unsecured loans are easier to get through a local credit union rather than a bank. Typically the interest rates are well under 10% vrs average credit card of 14-18%.

We bought through a distributor in Austin, and his company sells large printers and other equipment that is expensive. He offered financing through Great American, I believe. So ours is technically leased, but it brought the payments down to around $190 a month. I think there might have been an accounting advantage to it as well, but I’m not 100% sure about that.

Spot on. Never would have survived w/o the full tech or biz based deduction.

@ cdavenport Worst case, pretty sure as long as the asset value exceeds the note, most banks are willing to listen. Especially for this stuff!

FormLabs has a distributor that sells on EBay and if you have a PayPal credit you can purchase for 0 interest for 24 months. So essentially paying $146 a month for 24 months. Not a bad deal.


I used QuickSpark Financial. Nice thing was 0 payments for 90 days too! Email Ryan Overcash rovercash [at] quickspark [dot] com

If Small Personal Loan is Considered, then it must be a high-interest rate. After getting a personal loan, you need to pay high interest rates after a couple of months. Leases are much expensive than a personal loan.

ow. that’s pretty profitable!