Buying Used?

What are the recommendations and price points I should be aware of when buying a form 2 used vs new? Does formlabs do free shipping (taking that into account when the listed price on the used one is fairly close to a new one).

Besides the price, would you ever consider getting one without a warranty? Or is there a way to get a warranty back on a used one after I purchase it from someone?

My opinion, as someone who bought a new Form 2 for work and two used Form 1+ machines for home:
I’ve been watching the used prices for Form 2s on eBay and for the most part it seems like the discount for a used machine is negligible and not worth the risk. The Form 1+ is a pretty straightforward machine to take apart and work on yourself (in fact, it’s kind of necessary to open it up for routine cleaning), but the Form 2 is buttoned up well and doesn’t seem very accessible to the end user. I’d want to have a warranty on the Form 2 unless the discount is substantial. Right now that doesn’t seem to be the case. I bought the secondhand Form 1+ units for half price, and other than needing some cleaning, they’ve been working reasonably well.

Also, Formlabs charges for shipping when you buy a Form 2 from them. I think it was around $80 for shipping when I bought it.

Thank you for your response. That was what I was looking for.

Do you know if formlabs offers any time of warranty reinstatement?

As far as I can tell, FormLabs offers a 1 year warranty from the original date of purchase, regardless whether your the first second, third… owner.

So if you’re buying used, find out when the printer was originally purchased, to see if there’s any warranty remaining.

If this is not correct, someone at FormLabs should set this record straight.

If you happen to live in europe and buy the machine as a private user, you have 2-year warranty on the machine by law regardless of what the FL terms and conditions say at the time the machine was purchased. :slight_smile:

I don’t see it mentioned anywhere on the website or in the terms of service, maybe I’m just overlooking it, but it is good to know. Apple didn’t get away with it and were fined 750.000 euro for not highlighting it. In some EU countries, the warranty is even longer(but with a slight twist).