File Size Limit?

Is there a file size limit to the .stl? 95MB is the file size.

I haven’t encountered a limit. I think I’ve used 400Mb .stls without problem in the past. Maybe even larger.

Probably the functional limit is governed by your computer hardware and software setup. If your computer doesn’t have enough RAM to process the .stl, you’ll run into problems.

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Great question!

The short answer is that 100mb is still a good safe limit for most folks.

The long answer is that there isn’t really a hard limit built into PreForm, and it really just depends on the horsepower of your computer, and things can get a little dicey as you get into those higher file sizes. We don’t typically do tests with 250mb-1gb files just because it’s not a huge use-case.

You won’t hurt anything by trying though!

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I have successfully uploaded 800mb+ files into preform, supported the STLs manually and printed successfully on a form 3. Albeit preform took a long time to process and calculate each time I added supports. Done on a Razer Blade 15 laptop with 6-core I7 cpu and 32gb ram.

Not sure what the storage capacity is on the printer itself but I had a few other jobs saved on the machine.

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Great…Thanks all!