Few parts all of a sudden comes out warped?

I’ve printed lot’s of these models before and never seen any warping, but now of all a sudden two of them (different prints) have warped when drying after being washed.

They are printed in Durable on a Form 3B+.

This is my process:

  1. Print straight on the build plate in 0.1mm with default settings.
  2. Quick rinse in IPA by hand and then 20min in Form Wash.
  3. Dry in the basket.
  4. Rest over an oil radiator on very low heat (around 30c) to fully dry (during this step I think the two have warped).
  5. Cure in Form Cure 60c in 60 min.

Does anyone have any idea what could be causing it? Should I just accept it as random issues and move on or could there be something I could improve?

try: after you wash them, take them out of the basket and use a fan to dry them.

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