Feedback on the Fuse series

Well hello there.

We have now been printing Nylon 12 with our two Fuse1 machines since december of 2021 and everything so far has worked as intended. Both our Fuse1 has pretty much been running 24/7 since we got them.

In december of 2022 we decided to give Nylon 12 GF a try and ended up deciding to switch to Nylon 12GF entierly for our production.

It was some kinks to work out such as more precise cleaning etc to keep the machines running optimized. Still they run pretty much 24/7 without any issues.

In January of 2023 we got our Fuse1+ from our Swedish dealer and was told that there is some issues that we must be aware of when it comes to Nylon 12GF and Fuse1+. and that they would be solved with a future software update.

The update came along and we did see some improvements. However, no our parts suffer from pitting wich render our products useless as we have a high standard expectation on our products.

Thats where we are at the moment. We are now waiting for Formlabs to execute the same prints as we do so we can see if they get the same results.

If we can get the Fuse1+ to print the same quality as the Fuse1, that remains to be seen.

I will update this post when i have more to share.

Have you experienced any pitting on your products? Please let me know.

Best regards.


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