Failed printing on miniature figurine: Pictures


Hey all, so I’ve just started messing around with the Form1 at my job the other day. I’m totally new to printing and I’ve started trying to print a miniature I created on Heroforge.

My first print with the auto-setup in PreForm was decent, but I’ve been trying to print this right side up as to hide the “sprues” underneath elbows, under capes, etc.

My model has a tiny amount of unsupported minima, but it’s mostly held up with auto-generated supports and some that I’ve placed myself. For some reason, this happened after my latest print. Any ideas? Happy to share the Preform file if anyone is interested. Thank you!

EDIT: I’ve printed this model using the auto-setup once and it printed just fine, though it was tilted on it’s axis and not upright like this.

This time I used the lowest setting for support connection (.3mm) and my density was set to the lowest as well, before I added additional custom internal supports.


Bottom of the tank clear? Failure like that is usually an expiring tank or dirty optics.


is the resin new? That Cape does not look well supported I would try for a side or angle orientation that allows the support to touch the edge of the cape. It will show some but would be easy to remove. I would try the file for you on my machine with my regular resin in it but that bad boy is about to undergo a 44hour + print.


As far as I can see, the tank is quite clear and the resin is new. I’ve had some good test prints prior to this as well.


Thanks for the offer! Wow, what could take that long? Please share!

It managed to print a decent version after this when I tried on a tilted axis. I realize that’s probably more reliable, but being new, I’d like to figure out why a “vertical” print like mine may have produced a problem. This picture is my second attempt at the second fastest speed. Pretty good!


Most likely your vertical print put too much pressure on the flat sides of the cape when the mache does its “peels separating the layer from the tank.


Gholson2 is probably correct on peel pressure. If your tank and optics are clear and you just happened to have a fail in the peel you would have cured resin stuck to the tank which would block the rest of the print. You may have cured resin in the tank which you should strain. Also check the pdms for any stuck layers.