Excellent Mirror Cleaning Tool

I have a device that I use on occasion to clean the sensors on my digital SLRs that is also perfect for cleaning Form 1 mirrors. From a company called Visible Dust, it’s a soft, precision brush with nano coated fibers that hold a strong static charge. The brush is motorized & spins when you hold the power button. How it works is, you spin the brush a couple of times for a few seconds - AWAY from the device you’re cleaning. This builds up a static charge & cleans the fibers by throwing off any dust clinging to them. Then slowly & gently draw the fibers across the mirrors. Any dust or tiny particles practically jump onto it. If you have lots of dust you can do the process several times. DO NOT spin the brush near or inside your printer.

Here’s the website: http://www.visibledust.com/products3.php?pid=3 Pricey but worth the $$. They have a fancy one with built-in LEDs if you want to go for the high end. Highly recommended.

Here’s a picture:

Cause i’m fed with all this dust comes to the edges of a lence? when i try to clean it up. Hope this toll will help.

These brushes work great for dust. Just don’t get anything wet (resin/oil) on them.

Much better than the rocket blowers that blow all of the dust around in the machine. My machine has a ton of dust in it that’s not on the mirrors.