Arctic Butterfly safe for mirrors?

Hey Formlabs, I know you tested a lot of different cleaning products for the first surface mirrors, and advise only PEC-PADS be used.

Did you ever test anything like this? Any thoughts?

That’s a very expensive brush… We use PEC-PADS internally for cleaning as well and haven’t experimented with anything like this. It could be good for removing dust, but I’m not sure how it would fair with smudges. For dust, we have those little rocket blowers that you can get on amazon which tend to be easier than using a compressor as there’s less of a chance of introducing moisture to the mirrors.

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The Brushes work fine for dust (I don’t use them on my camera after).

You always have to look at the mirror first. If any oil gets on the brush it’s near impossible to clean off completely. My Nikons like to spew plenty of oil off the shutter onto the sensor so I seldom use the brushes.

If the dust won’t blow off use a pec pad first. Roll it up into a tube shape and see if the dust moves without streaking. Be very gentle. If the spot streaks you have to wet clean.