EU: Form 1/1+ original consumables + Form 1 Printer for free! (package)

I was kickstarter backer; had a lot of interesting time in 2013/2014. Sometimes in 2014 I was at my fifth replacement printer, and I got “tired”, had a lot of work in my real life business and stopped 3D printing hobby. From what I remember, at the last print of this actual printer I had printing issues; and lost interest. So I would declare this FORM 1 printer as defect, but it might not be - the issues could have been on my side. But I will not give it a new try, as then I would have to buy new resin, etc.

So I am selling the (original / packed) consumables you can use on your F1 / F1+ printer , and you will get everything else for free inside the package (if you want).

Package Price: EUR 600,00
Shipping is included to EU countries where no customs procedure is necessary; or you might arrange pick-up.
Location for pick-up: near Vienna, Austria

What do you geht:

Original F1 Resin Tank, transparent version, originally sealed (3x in original FL package, 2x unpacked but sealed)
(calculation: 5x EUR 67,00 = EUR 335,00)

Original F1 Building Platform, original FL packaging, never used
(calculation: 2x EUR 110,00 = EUR 220,00)

F1 Building Platform, used, less wear (the one included at the printer)
(calculation: EUR 45,00)

So total price: EUR 600,00

The rest of the package is included for free:

1x Form Finishing Kit (old version)

10 Liters of originally packed resin:

  • 2 Liters of Clear
  • 3 Liters of Black
  • 3 Liters of Clear or Black (shipped from formlabs without label on it - so today I do not know whats inside but want to let it sealed)
  • 2 Liters of B9 Creations B9R-1-Cherry
    NOTE: all this resin is heavily overdue and has reached its shelf life long time ago. It should be considered as “expired” long time ago. The “newest” of this was purchased in 2014. Although it is still sealed and was stored in closed dark environment. So if somebody wants to experiment with it - feel free. (I did not search the forum for experience whith that long overdue resin).

original / unopened Sylguard 184 Kit for your own experimets in recoarding VATs.
(expiration date 2015! same as the resins - might not be good!)

and of course:

FORM 1 Printer - mechanically in good shape! Might not be working (see description above)

Original Packaging for shipping available!

OF COURSE if you buy the package, you can advise me to dispose whatever you do not like - example: If you a re not interested in the resins, I will not include it … and dispose ist.

Only for pick-up: If you are interested, I can include additional 3x resin tank USED (so only for own recoating experiments)
Due to rests of resin not suitable for shipping I think.

I think the package is interesting for someone operating a FORM 1 / FORM 1+ already, in the need of consumables. For the price of some consumables you get a FORM 1 for spare - for the time spare parts no longer available, and we have learned in the forum that time is coming soon …

I would NOT suggest this to buy for someone not having experience with FORM 1/1+ printer, because I can not guarantee any function of the printer, the resin is old - the value of this package are the tanks and building platforms and getting a FORM 1 for spare / experiments.



still available!

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